Luminex IS Version 2.3 User Manual

Page 67

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MAP Technology

Luminex 2.3 Software

PN 89-00002-00-110 Rev. B


Figure 31 Processing Multiple Plates

After the first microtiter plate in a multiple plate batch has been
acquired, the system pauses and prompts you to insert the next plate.


To process multiple plates during a batch or multi-batch:

1. Create the batch or multi-batch. See “Create a New Batch” on

page 49 or “Create a Multi-Batch” on page 54.

2. Insert the first plate.

3. On the Run Batch tab, click Start Plate to begin processing the

batch. When the initial plate is through, the system pauses and
displays the Insert Next Plate message in red underneath the
sheath pressure gauge.

4. Click Eject, then remove the acquired plate and load the next

plate for processing.

5. Click Resume. The system resumes the acquisition process.

Re-Run or


Incomplete Batch

An incomplete batch can be caused by situations such as a power
failure, software failure, marking a batch for deletion, or clicking
Cancel All. Use this procedure to re-run or recover an incomplete


To open an incomplete batch:

1. On the File Menu, click Open Incomplete Batch. The Open

Run dialog box opens. Select the batch you wish to recover from
the list.