Startup procedures – Luminex IS Version 2.3 User Manual

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Luminex IS Software Manual for Version 2.3


MAP Technology


PN 89-00002-00-110 Rev. B

Startup Procedures

Warm Up the


Warm up the system to prepare the optics prior to sample acquisition.
The system automatically begins warming up when you turn power
on. This procedure takes approximately thirty minutes.

Caution: Failure to properly warm up the system will effect assay
results and system performance.

After four hours of inactivity, the status bar appears red and indicates
that the lasers are off. You need to warm up the system again by
manually initiating warmup.


To warm up the system:

Click Warmup, then click OK. The command list on the Run
Batch tab indicates that the system lasers are running. The
Device Activity box on the Status Bar indicates that the system is
warming. The Laser Status section on the Status Bar is yellow as
it counts down from 1800 seconds. Upon completion, the Laser
Status bar turns green and displays Warmed Up.

Prime the System

Prime your system as part of the daily startup routine and as
necessary to remove air from the system’s fluidic pathways after:

refilling the sheath container

removing and replacing the sheath container

observing air in the tubing

changing the sheath fluid filter

changing the syringe seal

When priming, the system draws Luminex xMAP sheath fluid from
the sheath fluid container and sends it directly out to waste, and takes
approximately one minute. You do not supply solution in a plate.


To prime the system:

Click Prime, then click OK to confirm that you want to prime
the system. The status bar indicates that the prime command is

Backflush the


Backflush the system:

to remove obstructions from the cuvette

if fluid does not flow through the waste tubing during prime
cycles or during sample acquisition

if fluid drips from the sample probe during priming and forms
puddles of fluid on the plate