Luminex IS Version 2.3 User Manual

Page 61

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MAP Technology

Luminex 2.3 Software

PN 89-00002-00-110 Rev. B


10. To add a patient file to the batch, click Load Pa List. An Open

Patient List File dialog box opens. See Figure 28. If you do not
want to add a patient list to the batch, skip to step 11.

Figure 28 Open Patient List File Dialog Box

11. Select a patient file to append to the batch and click Open. The

system appends the patients to the batch.

If all patient IDs in the batch are identified, the system appends
the patient list items to the first empty location following the
batch’s last command list activity. See “Add a Patient List” on
page 58 for
information regarding the patient file format.

12. Verify the dilution factor settings, and adjust as necessary. See

page 60 for more information.

13. Select Save and Load (default) or Save Only.

14. Click Finish. If you selected Save and Load, the Run Batch tab

opens displaying the batch, including the samples you added. If
you selected Save Only, the system becomes idle as it waits for
you to initiate a command.

15. If you selected Save and Load, load the plate using the Eject/

Retract button, then click Start Plate.

Open a Batch

Use this procedure to open an existing batch. The batch name and
description appear on the Run Batch tab when you load the batch.
You can open “Saved Only” batches with this procedure.


To open a saved batch for an acquisition:

1. Click Open Batch. The Open Batch dialog box opens.


If any of the acquire sample

commands within the template of the
batch has an unassigned Sample ID,
the system applies the first patient
ID in the list to the unassigned
sample acquisition command. The
system appends any remaining
patient IDs to the end of the
command list in the order as they
appear in the patient list.