Sony GV-500 User Manual

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Using with Battery Pack—NP-66H, NP-77HD, NP-77H, NP-77 or NP-55

Rrst, charge the battery pack.

Use the supplied AC-V30 AC power adaptor.

1 Plug the AC-V30 into a wall outlet.

2 Install the battery pack.

Align the flat side of the battery pack
with the line on the AC power adaptor.

Then push down and slide the battery

pack in the direction of the arrow.

The Power lamp (green) and the CHARGE lamp (orange) on the AC-V30 will light. The

charging will begin.

When the charging is completed, the CHARGE lamp goes out. Unplug the AC power

adaptor and the POWER lamp will go out.


Attach the battery pack to the video TV recorder.

Align the right side of the battery pack

with the white line on the video TV

recorder, and while pressing the battery

pack, slide it as illustrated.


Required charging time







100 min.

140 min.

140 min.

120 min.

60 min.

(Approx, minutes using AC-V30)

• The battery pack cannot be charged when the AC power adaptor is used to operate the unit.

• An NP-66H, NP-77HD, NP-77H, NP-77 or an NP-55 can also be charged with the BC-S10,

BC-55 or BC-77 battery charger.

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