Sony GV-500 User Manual

Page 62

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background image

Hecotding wHh CCD-G1

Insert the cassette.


Set POWER of this unH to CAMERA.

The power of this unit is tumdd on, and the POWER lamp

lights. This unit automatically becomes in the recording

pause mode. To have the picture on the screen of this unit

press LCD ON/OFF.


Check that the POWER lamp lights.

If you leave the unit in the recording pause mode for 5

minutes or longer, the unit will be automatically turned off.

To resume the recording pause mode, slide POWER to the

right once, then reset POWER to the CAMERA position

While pressing the

green button, slide

POWER to the left

pa fER



start recording.

Press REC START/STOP of the camera.

To index the recording starting point or the desired point, press MARK of this unit,

(seepage 51.)

To stop recording for a moment

Press REC START/STOP of the camera. Press it again to start recording.

To stop recording
Turn the power off of this unit by setting POWER to the center position.

Playing back the newly recorded pictures


Turn the power on of this unit. While pressing the green —

The POWER lamp lights.

button, slide POWER to the




u* I -^vmbNiorr


Press of this unit to rewind the tape.


Press □ of this unit.

Press > of this unit


Do not operate this unit for long periods if heat cannot easily escape. Internal heat build-up may

occur which can cause the unit to malfunction.

When the POWER switch is set to CAMERA, the operable buttons are:

POWER switch, EJECT button, LCD ON/OFF button, DATA SCREEN button, COUNTER


RESET button, INDEX MARK button, and SP/LP recording time selector.