Battery jite – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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battery jite

The battery lasts for approximately 1 year in normal operation.

When the lithium battery becomes weak, the — indication appears on the screen when the

DATA SCREEN button is pressed, In this case, replace the battery with a Sony CR2032 lithium

battery. Use of any other battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.

After replacing the battery, reset the clock.

Notes on lithium battery

• Keep the lithium battery out of the reach of children.

Should the battery be swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.

• Before use, wipe the battery with a dry cloth to assure a good contact.

• Do not hold the battery with metalic tweezers, otherwise a short-circuit may occur.
• Do not break up the battery or throw it into a fire because it may explode. Carefully

dispose of the used batteries.