When recording starts, Recording/playback time, Cassette and their recording time – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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When recording starts

The starting point is marked on the tape automatically and “INDEX MARK* is displayed on the

screen (see page 51.) When you release the recording pause mode and start recording again,

the starting point is not marked. The index mark helps you to find the point where recording

begins on a tape.

Recording/playback time

Two tape speeds can be selected with the SP/LP recording time selector.

The recording time in the LP mode is twice as long as that in the SP mode. For better picture

and sound, recording in the SP mode is recommended. During playback, the mode in which the

tape was recorded is selected automatically.

Cassette and their recording time

There are two formats for 8mm video recording, NTSC and PAL. Video cassette tapes


made to correspond to one of these formats. Use NTSC format cassette tapes for this unit. You

will find *P6” on the package of NTSC cassettes.


If you record with this unit on a tape that has been recorded in the PCM mode, and if you play

back this tape on a VCR with PCM function, the sound may be cut off occasionaliy. In this case,

set the audio monitor switch of the VCR to the standard position.

To stop recording automaticaily after a oertain time —Quick timer

Use the SLEEP timer during recording. You can leave the unit function when you go to bed or

when you go out, etc.

The unit will be turned off automatically at the preset time. For operation, see page 33.

Are you having trouble?


Possible cause


The red mark on the

cassette is exposed.

Slide the tab to

cover the red mark

or use a new


The tape is at its

Rewind the tape or

use a new cassette.

No cassette is


Insert a cassette.


indication is

displayed when

you slide the

REC switch.