Sony GV-500 User Manual

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Using a Car Battery

12V or 24V car battery



(not supplied)


Attach the DC pack to the video TV recorder.


Connect the plug to the cigarette lighter socket

• Connect the DCP-77 only to a car with a negative ground car batteries of 12 V or 24 V.

• Attach or remove the DC pack in the same way as the battery pack.

• DCP-S5 is not recommended for this unit because the capacity of the DCP-5S is not enough to

operate it.


• Be careful not to let any metal object touch the metal projection on the battery pack. When the

battery pack is not used, keep it in its case.

• Keep the video TV recorder away from the power source. If not, noise may appear on the


Notes on using this unit in a car

• For your safety, do not watch the TV or operate the controls while driving.

• Avoid leaving the unit in a place with very high temperatures. If you do, it may cause

distortion of the cabinet or malfunction of the unit.

• If you use this unit while your car is not in use, the car battery will be consumed. Avoid

using this unit in such condition for more than 12 hours.

• Remove the car battery cord from the cigarette lighter socket if you do not use the unit

for a long time.