To prevent accidental erasure, Notes on opening and closing the cassette holder, Notes on the cassette – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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1 Press EJECT.

Make sure the tape is not running.

2 Remove the cassette.

3 Press the I PUSH I mark.

The cassette holder slides to close automatically.


Do not open the cassette holder while the unit is in the vertical position. If you do, the cassette

may fall out of the holder and be damaged.

To Prevent Accidental Erasure

Slide the tab on the cassette to

expose the red mark. This will prevent

accidental recording.

If you try to record with the red mark

exposed, the “CASSETTE” indication

appears on the screen, and you

cannot record. To re-record on this

tape, slide the tab back out covering

the red mark.



Recording cannot

Recording can

be made.

be made.

Notes on opening and closing the cassette holder

• Do not insert your finger into the cabinet when the cassette holder is open.

• Be careful not to get your finger caught in the cassette holder.

Notes on the cassette

• Store cassettes in their cases when they are not being used and keep them in an upright

position to prevent intrusion of dust and uneven winding.

• Always insert the cassette in the correct position.

• Never insert anything in the small holes on the rear of the cassette.

• Remove the cassette from the video TV recorder when not in use.