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The “Video Walkman* GV-SOO is an 8 mm video recorder with an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

Its compact and lightweight design allows you to watch TV programs and video tapes anywhere

and anytime you like.

With this video TV recorder, you can:

- view the playback picture of 8 mm video tapes.

- view TV programs.

- record TV programs.

In addition, by connecting it to a video camera (not supplied), you can record pictures with the

camera, and play back the recorded pictures on it immediately.

0№er FM^res

- Menu function for setting six items

- Hi-fi stereo for high quality sound*

- Stereo TV tuner for enjoying stereo programs or SAP (Second Audio Program) broadcast**

- Index function for finding the desired scenes quickly

- A-B repeat function for playing back the desired portion repeatedly

- CRYSTAL-CLEAR still/slow/picture search on LCD

- Timer-activated recording

- SLEEP timer for turning off the unit automatically

- MEGA BASS circuit for dynamic bass sound

- SURR (surround) function for enjoying wide soundscape

- Playback of tapes recorded in Hi8 video system

fim-fi Stetig SysteiiT

On the 8 mm video standard track, the sound is recorded/played back in Hi-fi monaural. The

PCM digital stereo sound is recorded/played back on the PCM track as an option.

With this unit. Hi-fi stereo sound can be recorded on the standard track.

To maintain compatibility with the conventional Hi-fi monaural equipment, the Hi-fi stereo sound

is recorded as L-R sound using the 1.7 MHz carrier and L+R sound using the 1.5 MHz carrier as

the FM audio signal.

To playback the tape recorded by its hi-fi stereo system, this unit uses a matrix circuit to

produce the L and R stereo sounds separately. When conventional Hi-fi monaural equipment is

used to play back a tape recorded in Hi-fi stereo, it will produce the L+R monaural sound

because it can reproduce only the 1.5 MHz carrier.

The Hi-fi stereo system of this unit provides a live stereo sound atmosphere even when using

the 8 mm video standard track.

This unit uses 8 mm video format cassettes. It records in the SP mode (approximately 1.43 cm/

second) and the LP mode (Approximately 0.72 cm/second) and can play back in the SP mode

and LP mode. The quality of the playback picture in the LP mode, however, will not be as good

as that in the SP mode.