To receive stereo programs, To recelvo sap (second audio program) braodcast – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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To Receive Stereo Programs

Connect the supplied stereo earphones to the 0 (phones) jack to listen to stereo sound. This

unit has two 0 (phones) jacks. Use each/both of them in accordance with the situation.

The speaker of this unit is monaural.

This unit is preset at the factory to receive stereo programs automatically. If the unit receives a

stereo program, the “STEREO* indication will appear on the screen and disappear after a few



To then

(phones) jack

n excessive noise is heard when receiving a stereo program

Set AUTO STEREO to OFF in the VTR MODE SET menu (see page 57). The sound is heard in

monaural but the noise is reduced.
Monaural sound is recommended when the unit is used in a moving car.

To restore stereo sound, set AUTO STEREO to ON in the VTR MODE SET menu (see page


To Recelvo SAP (Second Audio Program) Braodcast

Set AUTO SAP to ON in the VTR MODE SET menu (see page 57).

SAP sound is automatically received when SAP is broadcast.

When SAP is not broadcast, monaural or stereo sound is received.