Sony GV-500 User Manual

Page 45

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• If the recording start time of one program comes before the recording of the other

program is finished

The recording of program 2 begins before program 1 is finished.

• If the recording start time of two programs are the same

The program which is preset on the upper iine

------- in the TIMER SET or TIMER

CHECK display will be recorded and the other program will be cancelled.


If the recording start time of the second program is the same as the recording end time

of the first program

The last 20 seconds of the first program will not be recorded.

^CSiikng tl^r recording

Both picture and sound will be muted. To listen to the sound and watch the picture, press LCD


No buttons other than TIMER REC ON/OFF and TIMER CHECK are operable.

^oaet thp timw while the tape is running _

Date, starting and ending time, etc. can also be set during playback or recording. However,

TIMER REC ON/OFF button is not operable.

^a power Interruption occurs when the unit is connected to the AC power source

Recording stops. Recording starts again after the power is resupplied. When a power

interruption occurs during the timer recording standby mode and the power is resupplied, the

timer settings will not be affected as long as the lithium battery is installed.

record the end of the tape

Set the starting and ending time the same. When the tape reaches the end, recording will stop
and the power goes off.