Sony GV-500 User Manual

Page 75

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If this unit is brought directiy from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may condense inside

the unit or on the surface of the tape. If this happens, the tape may stick to the head drum,

damaging both the tape and the unit. Although this unit is furnished with a moisture sensor to

prevent possible damage from condensation, do not leave the tape inside the unit.

;.if moli^re ^ndenses inside the unit

The “DEW* indication appears on the screen.

In this case, no button wiil function except the EJECT button.

(However, if you have been watching a TV program, you can

continue to do so.)

Eject the cassette, turn off the unit and leave the cassette
holder open at least for an hour.

The unit can be used again if the DEW indication does not appear when one of the tape

transDort button is oressed.