Using the battery pack efficiently – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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Using the Battery Pack Efficiently

A'q^ng the rechargeable battery paci»__________


Have sufficient battery pack power to perform 2 or 3 times the

amount of viewing that you pian to do.

‘Battery life* as indicated in the instruction manual or catalogue of the

video TV recorder is measured by the continuous use of the video TV

recorder, at room temperature, using a fully charged battery.

Fast winding or rewinding tape operations consumes much more

battery power than normal tape transport operation. Consequently,

battery life becomes shorter when these operations are performed


Battery life is shorter in a cold climate.

Cold climates reduce the efficiency of a battery and cause it to run

out more quickly.

pVHèn to replace the rechargeable battery pack


When the battery pack is exhausted, the POWER lamp starts blinking

slowly. During recording, the ‘BATTERY DOWN* indication also

starts blinking.

Replace the battery when the blinking changes from slow to fast, and

the ‘BATTERY DOWN* indication lights (the indication remains lit for

five seconds before the power goes off).

Turn off the power of the video TV recorder before replacing the

battery. While replacing the battery, keep the cassette Inside the

cassette holder. When the battery has been replaced, viewing can be

resumed smoothly without any picture distortion.

Notes on battery exhaustion when a camera is connected

When the battery is exhausted, the tally lamp (red) displayed in the

viewfinder of the camera starts blinking, and the power goes off

automatically. Replace the battery pack with a fully charged one

when the blinking starts.

Notes on charging

Before using the battery pack, charge it sufficiently. A brand-new battery pack is not charged.

Recharge the battery pack when it is fully exhausted.

• If the operation is completed before the BATTERY DOWN indication on the screen or POWER

lamp starts blinking, it is recommended that you discharge the battery pack by playing back a

tape until the BATTERY DOWN indication lights or the POWER lamp starts blinking rapidly.

• Do not recharge the battery pack before it has been discharged completely. Repeated

charging while some capacify remains will reduce the battery capacity. However, the original

battery capacity can be recovered if you fully discharge and fully charge the battery pack