Every week recording and every day recording, Mon-fri, Every sat ◄ every sun – Sony GV-500 User Manual

Page 44: Every sat ◄ ------- every sun

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Every Week Recording and Every Day Recording

You can preset to record the same program every day or the same program on a specific day of

every week.

Press Q / Q , and the indicator will change as follows.

For every week recording or everyday recording, press Q to set the date quickly.


(Every day except Saturday

and Sunday)

■ > EVERY SAT ◄ ------- EVERY SUN^-


(1 month later)

When the presettings of timer recordings overlap




'ill be


Will be cut off

Will be recorded


Will be cleared


Program 2

I ,

Program 1: The recording will stop before the program finishes.

Program 2; The program will be recorded completely.

Program 3: The presetting will be cancelled.