Sony GV-500 User Manual

Page 81

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Possible causes and/or corrections

The picture does not appear.

• The LCD ON/OFF button has been pressed.

• To restore the picture on the screen, press the

LCD ON/OFF button.

Both the picture does not

appear and the sound is


• The unit is in the timer recording mode. Press the

LCD ON/OFF button.

The picture appears but no
sound is heard.

• Adjust the VOL control.

• Disconnect the earphones.

No coior

• Adjust the COLOR in the VTR MODE SET menu.


Snow and noise appear.

• Check the external antenna.

Dotted lines or stripes appear.

• This if often caused by local interference, (e.g.

cars, neon signs hair dryers, etc.) Adjust antenna
for minimum interference.

Double images or ghosts

• Reflections from nearby mountains or buildings

often cause this problem. A highly directional

antenna may improve the picture.





The timer setting indication
does not appear.

• Set the date and clock. (Page 18)

The timer recording feature
failed to operate.

• The safety tab on the cassette was slid out to

expose the red mark. (Page 34)

• The tape was not long enough.

• The TIMER REC ON/OFF button was not


• The clock was not set correctly.

• The battery pack was exhausted.

• There was a power interruption (for AC operation)

• Moisture condensation has occurred. (Page 75)