Life will recover its original capacity – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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1 Keep the terminals clean

If the terminals (metal parts on the back) are soiled, the battery life will become shorter. When

the terminals are soiled, or when the battery pack has not been used for a long time, repeatedly

attach and remove it several times. This will improve the contact of the battery pack and the
video TV recorder. Also, wipe the

+ and - terminals with a soft cloth or paper.

on rechargeable battery pack

Battery pack care

• Remove the battery pack from the video TV recorder after use, and keep it in a cool place.

When the battery pack is installed on a video TV recorder, a small amount of current flows to

the recorder even if the POWER switch is turned off. This causes overdischarge and,

consequently, shortens the life of the battery.

• The battery pack is always discharging even when it is not in use. Thus, the battery should be

charged before each use.

How to use the switch on the battery pack

Use this switch as a reminder of the charging condition. Set the

switch to the ‘no mark” position when the charging is completed.

Set the switch to the ‘red mark” position when the battery has

been discharged.


How many times can the battery pack be recharged?

It can be fully charged and discharged about 500 times under normal temperatures. If the

BATTERY DOWN indication blinks rapidly just after turning on the recorder, even though a fully

charged battery pack has been installed, replace the battery pack with a brand new one.

Charging temperature

Lower temperature require a longer charging time.

Charging under a temperature ranging from 10‘C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F) is recommended.

Why the battery pack heats up?

While the battery pack is being charged or used, a chemical change occurs inside the battery

pack which generates electric energy. Consequently, the battery pack becomes warm, but this
is not dangerous.

Carrying the battery pack

If the

+ and - temiinals are short-circuited with a piece of metal, the battery heat up abnomially.

This is very dangerous. Never put an uncovered battery pack in a pocket together with a key
holder or other metal object.

If the battery pack Is not used for a long time (about 1 year)

Charge it again, but in this case the battery life will be shorter than normal. After several

charging and discharging cycles, the battery

life will recover its original capacity.