Sony GV-500 User Manual

Page 48

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7b rawfr^ the tape and play It back automatically — Auto play

While p r e s s i n g p r e s s o .

The “AUTO" indication appears.

To mute the ptcture

Press LCD ON/OFF. To restore the picture, press LCD ON/OFF again.

To adjust^e plcture_

___ __________

Adjust the BRIGHT control (see page 47.)

Adjust the COLOR and HUE in the TV ADJUST menu (see page 31.)

To atop playback at the desired time

Use the SLEEP function.

The unit goes


at the preset time, (see page 33.)

When a tape recorded In stereo mode is play-back

The “STEREO” indication appears.

To listen to the stereo sound, use the stereo phones.

Playtack o^tapes recorM In HW video system

This unit plays back tapes recorded in HI8* video system.

However, please note the folloviring important conditions.

Hi8 recording will be played back with standard 8mm picture quality.

This unit cannot record with Hi8 picture quality.

Noise may appear in the picture when you play back a tape recorded in Hi8 LP mode.

* HI8 is the 8mm recording option found on selected high end 8mm camcorders and decks.

To Reduce the Vocal Sound

During playing back of the tape recorded in stereo mode (except PCM stereo mode), press

VOCAL REDUCTION to reduce the vocal sound.

The “VOCAL REDUCTION“ indication will appear on the screen and disappear after a few


Use this function to enjoy singing while viewing a music tape.

• This function is not activated when a tape is recorded in monaural mode.

• This function is effective only for a tape on which vocal sound is recorded in the center


• If the vocal reducing function is activated, the SURR(surround) function or MEGA BASS

function is not activated.