Video head cleaning, Tfie video head is damaged, Tiole on the bullt*ln lighting system – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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video Head Cleaning

To ensure a clear picture, clean the video heads periodicaliy.

If playback pictures are noisy or hardly visible, the video

heads may be contaminated. In this case, clean the video

heads with the Sony V8-25CLH cleaning cassette (not

supplied) according to the instructions.


Do not use commercially available wet-type cleaning cassettes.

They may damage the video heads.


If the V8-2SCLH cleaning cassette is not available in your area, consult your Sony service


^tfie Video Head Is Damaged

When playback pictures are not clear even after using the cleaning cassette, the video head

may be damaged. In this case, the video head needs to be replaced with a new one. Consult

your Sony sen/ice facility for replacing the video head.

¡tiole on the bullt*ln lighting system

A built-in lighting system is assembled inside the liquid crystal screen of this unit. The life of the

small fluorescent tube used for this built-in lighting system runs out over a period of use. If the

lamp becomes dimmer or goes off immediately after you turn it on, even with new batteries,

replace the lamp with a new one. To replace the lamp, consult the dealer where you purchased

the unit, or a Sony service facility. The expected life of the small fluorescent tube is alMUt three

years if this unit is used for an hour each day. When you use this unit in a cold environment, the

fluorescent tube will be dimmer at first. As soon as the temperature of the tube rises, it will

regain its original brightness.

Note on the LCD

• Do not push the display forcibly.

• Do not operate the unit where the temperature is below 0°C (32°!=) or above 40°C (104°F).

• If the unit is used in a cold place, a residual image may appear on the screen. This is not a

malfunction of the unit.

• Constant bright points of light (red, blue, or green) may appear on the screen. This is not a

malfunction of the unit.