To connéct another tv or color monitor, Note – Sony GV-500 User Manual

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To Connéct Another TV or Color Monitor

If you connect this unit to another TV or color monitor, you can view the playback pictures or the

selected TV program on a larger screen and listen to the dynamic sound.

In this case, mute the picture of GV-SOO by pressing the LCD ON/OFF button to reduce

horizontal bands and noise in the picture of the TV or color monitor during various playback


To connect a TV/fnonItor with video and audio inputs

Monitor (stereo)

(not supplied)

: Signal flow


to VIDEO (yellow)

I AUDIO L (white;

to AUDIO R (red)

TV (monaural)


(not supplied)


to VIDEO (yellow)

to AUDIO L (black)


When connecting only to the AUDIO L jack, the L and R sounds are automatically mixed and

always output is monaural.