Changing needle plates, Attaching snap-in feed cover, Changing the needle – SINGER 3103 User Manual

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Changing Needle Plates

NOTE: Remove bobbin if it contains thread in

order to prevent thread being caught when

plate is replaced,

c Raise needle to highest position by turming

the hand wheel toward you,

Raise presser foot.

Open slide plate. Place thumb under right

side of needle plate, lift it up and withdraw

it to right.

c Replace needle plate under clamping pin A,

push it firmly to the left and press down

until it snaps into place

Close slide plate.

Attaching Snap-In Feed

Raise needle to highest position by turning

hand wheel toward you.


Raise presser foot, open slide plate and

insert general purpose needle plate.

c Slide snap-in feed cover away from you over

needle plate until points B and C are

positioned directly over holes in needle

plate as illustrated. Snap in point B. Then

push point C in toward point B until it

snaps into place. Close slide plate.

To remove, open slide plate, then simply lift

up front edge of feed cover and remove.

Close slide plate.

Changing the Needle


Raise needle to its highest position by

turning the hand wheel toward you. Loosen

the needle-clamp screw D and remove the


• Insert new needle with the flat side of the

needle to the back, up into clamp E as far as

It will go.

g Tighten needle-damp screw.



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