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3. straight


Stitch Width Selector

Before you move the selectors to set your

machine for straight stitching, turn the hand

wheel toward you until needle is above the

needle plate.

Straight stitching can be performed with pattern

selector in any position; stitch width lever must

be set at ' only.

Needle Position Selector positions the needle in

left I >, center (^), or right ( ^ ) needle


Stitch Length Selector

The stitch length indicator is numbered 0 to 5.

The lower numbers áre shorter stitches. Shorter

stitches are best for lightweight fabrics; longer

ones for heavy fabrics. To adjust the length of

your stitches, turn the dial so that desired stitch

length is positioned under {▼) symbol.

To shorten stitch length, turn dial toward a

lower number.

To lengthen stitch length, turn dial toward a

higher number.

For reverse stitching, push in on push button

located in center of dial, hold in until reverse

stitching is completed, then release push

button. Push button can be pushed in while

machine is sewing.


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