Regulating neecne-tread tension, Regulating presser foot pressure – SINGER 3103 User Manual

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Regulating Neecne-Tread

The needle-thread tension dial regulates the

amount of tension on the needle thread and lets

you select just the right setting for your fabric

and thread. The numbers on the dial eliminate

guesswork in duplicating settings.

Correct tension is important because too much

or too little will weaken your seams or mar the

appearance of decorative work. To determine

the correct tension, make a test on a sample of

your fabric, if the stitches look loose, increase

tension. If the fabric puckers, decrease tension.

To increase tension, turn to higher number.

To decrease tension, turn to lower number.

Regulating Presser Foot

The pressure dial regulates the pressure that the

presser foot exerts on the fabric. Correct

pressure is important to make the fabric feed

smoothly and evenly without being marred.

To increase pressure, turn dial to a higher

number. Heavy or crisp fabrics require

heavier pressure.

To decrease pressure, turn dial to a lower

number. Lightweight or soft fobrics, or

those with a pile (like velvet) require lighter



For darning, turn dial to 0.


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