Pressurization – Luminex 100 User Manual Version 1.7 User Manual

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MAP Technology


PN 89-00002-00-063 Rev. A

8 - 3


Normal air and sheath pressure readings vary between 6-9 psi while
the compressor runs. If the system pressure is out of range, your
sample acquisition will fail or return poor results.

“Bad Link” error message

There is a bad link between the
PC, analyzer, and/or XYP.

Ensure that the instruments have

Check the power cord and
communication cable

Shut down the PC and analyzer.
Turn on the analyzer before
turning on the PC.

The Machine Setup is using the
wrong COM Port.

On the Analyzer menu, click
Setup. Verify that the correct
ports are selected for each
instrument. If you have make
changes, restart the system.

XY Platform microtiter plate
connect error. Command
timed out.

There is a bad link between the
XYP and PC.

Ensure that the communication
cable between the PC and XYP
is connected.


Possible Problem


Pressurization Fails or
Pressure too low.

The sheath and waste lines are
not fully connected.

Make sure the lines between the
sheath and waste bottles and the
analyzer are fully connected.

An air leak is present in the
sheath bottle.

Remove and retighten the
sheath bottle cap.

The sheath or waste bottle
fittings are cracked.

Inspect the fittings to be sure
they form a tight seal.

There is a leak in the system.

Check for system leaks.

The compressor does not

Run a Prime command. If you
do not hear the compressor turn
on, call Technical Support.

The Cheminert Fitting is loose.

Ensure that the fitting connects
tightly above the sample probe,
below the blue light.

Fluid leaks in the system.

See Fluid Leak on page 8-4.