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Page 125: Edgevac seed meter cleanout -17

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Lubrication and Maintenance

Before each planting season inspect seed discs, singulator brush, crowder brush, wall brush, and air inlet screens and
clean or replace as needed.

Use clean, high quality seed for maximum meter accuracy. Damaged or cracked seed, hulls, and foreign material may
become lodged in seed disc orifices and greatly reduce meter accuracy.

Inspect and clean seed discs daily checking for any buildup of foreign material and blocked orifices. If seed disc
orifices are plugged frequently with seed remnants, cleanout brush or cleanout brush with ball-type ejector (if
applicable) may need to be replaced. Clean seed disc by washing it with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

Inspect singulator brush for wear after every 200 acres per row of operation. If adjustment of singulator brush does not
affect meter performance or if brushes appear frayed, singulator brush may need to be replaced.

Replace seed disc or vacuum cover if abnormally high vacuum is required or if consistent operation can not be

See “Preparation For Storage” for additional EdgeVac Seed Metering System maintenance.

NOTE: Remove seed discs from meters for annual storage and store them vertically on a dowel or pipe.

Vacuum cover


Air inlet


Singulator brush

Wall brush


Thorough seed meter cleanout is important to maintain genetic purity.

1. Disengage seed drive and remove seed hopper and meter. Lay hopper on its right side.

2. Rotate vacuum cover clockwise to align key hole slots with bolt heads. Lift off cover.

3. Remove seed disc.

4. Empty meter and hopper by allowing seed to run out of meter.

5. Inspect brushes in meter to ensure all seed is removed.

6. Replace seed disc and install vacuum cover.

NOTE: Use of damaged seed or seed containing foreign material will cause plugging of seed cell orifices and
require more frequent seed meter cleanout to prevent underplanting.