Notched single disc opener, Notched single disc opener -2 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11




Never strike knife with heavy object. Damage to knife will occur.

If knife to disc blade clearance is too large, soil or residue can
wedge between knife and blade, and blade will not turn.

1. Adjust knife to disc blade contact. Loosen or tighten ⅜" lock nuts to adjust knife’s entire leading edge against disc

blade. Turn blade and check for slight resistance without freewheeling. Readjust knife to blade’s tight spot as



Adjust liquid drop tube out of path of soil flow across knife. Drop
tube and tab wear quickly if not correctly adjusted.

2. Adjust scraper and drop tube. Loosen two 5∕16" hex head cap screws. Adjust scraper until just touching disc blade.

Adjust drop tube until it is centered between knife and disc blade. Tighten screws. Turn blade and check for slight

resistance without freewheeling. Repeat as needed. Insert flat bladed pry bar or screwdriver between knife and

drop tube above drop tube tab. Carefully bend tube until ¼"-

" from disc blade.

3. Adjust blade depth. Loosen three ½" hex head cap screws and jam nuts in opener mount. Adjust opener assembly

up or down to desired blade depth. Tighten center hex head cap screw and jam nut first to set proper disc blade

angle. Tighten remaining hex head cap screws and jam nuts. Torque hex head cap screws and jam nuts to

57 ft-lb (77.29 N-m). Check fertilizer hose clearance and adjust as necessary.


Notched single disc opener adjustments

NOTE: Maximum disc blade depth 4" (10.2 cm).

R.H. Opener Shown

Jam nuts

Middle screw sets blade
angle. Tighten first!


" hex head cap screws


Drop tube

Drop tube tab

" lock nuts


" hex head cap screws


Opener mount

Disc blade


Compressed spring may fly out of this assembly if attempting to
disassemble and cause injury. Do not take apart this assembly.

Disc blades are sharp and can cut causing serious injury. Wear
gloves when working on or turning disc blades by hand.