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Model 3600


Rev. 6/14


Row Unit Operation


Row unit mounted no till coulters with 1" bubbled, 1" fluted
(8 flutes) or ¾" fluted (13 flutes) blades may be used on pull
row units and push row units (¾" fluted shown). Four quick
adjustable down force springs are required per row when using
row unit mounted no till coulters. See “Quick Adjustable Down
Force Springs Options”.

Align coulter blade to row unit double disc openers. Adjust
by loosening four attaching bolts, moving coulter arm, and
tightening four attaching bolts. Coulter blade can be adjusted
to one of four ½" incremental settings in the forked arm. Initial
location is the top hole.

Move blade as it wears to one of the three lower hole to maintain coulter blade at or slightly above opener discs as
needed. Adjust coulter below depth of double disc opener blades in very hard soil conditions such as compacted
wheel tracks to improve opener penetration and cutting of surface residue.

Check operating depth by setting planter down on a level concrete floor and checking relationship between coulter
blade and row unit opener blade. Make sure planter is level and coulter is square with planter frame and aligned with
row unit disc opener.

NOTE: Torque ⅝" spindle hardware to 120 ft-lb (162.7 N-m).

Row Unit Mounted No Till Coulter

Blade adjustment holes.


Coulter mounted residue wheels are designed for use on pull row units and push row units. Row unit extension
brackets are required on the four center pull row units if the planter is equipped with coulter mounted residue wheels.

Coulter mounted residue wheels

Residue wheels attach to row unit mounted coulter with two cap screws and sleeves allowing unit to free-float. A
2-position spindle bolt mounting positions wheels interlocked or staggered. Depth adjustment is made with a spring-
loaded cam and pin with 11 positions in ¼" increments. A high point on the cam allows wheels to be locked up.

A weed guard on the inboard side of each wheel helps prevent weed wrap which can cause premature bearing failure.

NOTE: Opening in weed
guard must face down.

Weed guard