Row marker adjustments, Row marker adjustments -26 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Machine Operation


1. Multiply number of rows by the average row spacing in inches to determine total planting width.

2. Lower planter and row marker assembly to ground.

3. Measure from planter center line to a point where blade contacts ground.

4. Adjust row marker extension so distance from marker disc blade to center line of planter is equal to total planting

width. Adjust right and left row marker assemblies equally and securely tighten clamping bolts.


Setting marker disc blade assembly at a sharper angle than needed
adds stress to row marker assembly and shortens bearing and
blade life. Set blade angle only as needed to leave a clear mark.

Marker disc blade is installed with concave side facing inward. Spindle assembly is slotted so hub and blade can be
angled to throw more or less dirt.

5. Loosen hardware and move assembly as required.

6. Tighten bolts to specified torque.

7. Do a field test to ensure markers are properly adjusted.

NOTE: A notched marker blade is available from Kinze through your Kinze Dealer for use in more severe no
till conditions.

Row marker disc blade angle adjustment

Row Marker Lengths

12 Row 30"

360" (914.4 cm)

12 Row 36"

432" (1097.3 cm)

12 Row 38"

456" (1158.2 cm)

16 Row 30"

480" (1219.2 cm)

Loosen hardware to
adjust blade angle.

Concave side faces
towards planter.

Loosen hardware to
adjust marker length.

Depth band