Field operation, Planting speed, Field operation -15 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 25: Planting speed -15

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Machine Operation

10. Remove row marker lockups.

Retract tongue

Row marker lockup

8. Hold hydraulic control (to lower planter) to rephase planter

lift cylinders. Time to rephase system may vary due to
tractor hydraulic flow and/or oil temperature. Normally 5 to
20 seconds is adequate to rephase system.

9. Raise planter to raised field position. Hold control console


TONGUE and operate hydraulic

control to retract tongue.


Raise planter out of ground when making sharp turns or backing up
or equipment damage may result.


There are two raised positions on planter. Transport position
is when the planter is fully raised. Raised field position is
when planter wing cylinders are fully extended and center lift
cylinders are at mid-stroke. In “raised field position” row units
are approximately 14 inches off ground. This position is used in
making turns or passing over waterways during field operation.

An oil bypass solenoid is located on top side of valve blocks on
rear R.H. side of center frame. This solenoid is not energized
in raised field position so wing cylinders cannot bypass oil
preventing planter from raising any higher.

Raised field position


Contacting or coming close to power lines or other high energy
sources will cause death or serious injury. Keep away from power
lines or high energy sources at all times.


Planters are designed to operate in a speed range of 2 to 8 MPH. Higher ground speeds generally cause more variation
in seed spacing. Speeds above 5.5 MPH are typically not recommended. See “Rate Charts”