Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 24

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Machine Operation

Storage position

3. Remove manual safety lockup from under front center

lift cylinder and place it in storage location on left

side of planter axle.

4. Hold control console “ROTATE/TONGUE” switch in

ROTATE” and operate hydraulic control to unfold planter.

Transport latch automatically releases.

5. Raise planter 1"-2". Safety hook will release and snap away

from catch pin on top of pivot post.

NOTE: Raising planter too high resets hook mechanism
and sequence must be repeated.

6. Slowly lower planter to ground.

Wing lock

Rotate from transport to field

7. Hold control console “RAISE/WING LOCK” switch in “


LOCK” position and operate hydraulic control to release
wing locks.

Safety hook release