Preparation for storage, Preparation for storage -34 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Lubrication and Maintenance


Store planter in a dry sheltered area if possible.

Remove all trash wrapped on sprockets or shafts and remove dirt that can draw and hold moisture.

Clean all drive chains and coat with a rust preventative spray, or remove chains and submerge in oil.

Lubricate planter and row units at all lubrication points.

Inspect planter for parts that in need of replacement and order during “off” season.

Make sure all seed and granular chemical hoppers are empty and clean.

Remove seed discs from seed meters, clean and store meters in a rodent-free, dry area with discs removed. Store
seed discs vertically on a dowel or pipe.

Remove vacuum hose from each seed meter. Operate vacuum fan at full hydraulic flow from tractor for two minutes to
clear manifolds, hoses and fittings of dust and debris.

Clean breather on analog vacuum and pressure gauges.

Disassemble, clean and grease all U-joint slides.

Grease or paint disc openers/blades and row marker disc blades to prevent rust.

Flush liquid fertilizer tanks, hoses and metering pump with clean water. See “Piston Pump Storage” if applicable.

Empty dry fertilizer hoppers. Clean hoppers. Disassemble and clean metering augers. Reassemble, coating all metal
parts with rust preventative.

ASD System:

Clean out ASD hopper, entrainment assembly, and delivery hoses.

Disconnect delivery hoses from entrainer ports. Install small orange caps onto ports. Attach hoses to caps.

Disconnect delivery hoses from air dissipator at each row unit. Install large orange caps. Attach hoses to caps.

Check all bolts and fasteners used to assemble and attach entrainment device are tight (if applicable).

Loosen knobs on entrainer cleanout doors to remove pressure from door gaskets.

Inspect all seed delivery hoses and replace any that are worn, cut, or cracked.

Air dissipator cap

Entrainer cap