Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Predelivery/Delivery Checklist


Predelivery service includes assembly, lubrication, adjustment and test. This service helps ensure planter is delivered
to retail customer/end user ready for field use.


Use the following checklist after planter is completely assembled. Check off each item as it is found satisfactory or after
proper adjustment is made.

Center pivot base mounting and transport wheel spindle hex head cap screws torqued to 450 ft-lb (610.1 n-m).

Row units properly spaced and optional attachments correctly assembled.

Row marker assemblies installed and adjusted at each end of the planter.



and ASD components properly installed (as applicable).

All grease fittings in place and lubricated.

All working parts move freely, bolts are tight, and cotter pins are spread.

Check all drive chains for proper tension and alignment.

Check for oil leaks and proper hydraulic operation.

Hydraulic hoses correctly routed to prevent damage.

Inflate tires to specified air pressure and torque wheel lug bolts and lug nuts as specified in the manual.

All safety decals correctly located and legible. Replace if damaged.

All reflective decals and SMV sign correctly located and visible when the planter is in transport position.

Safety/warning lights correctly installed and working properly.

Paint all parts scratched during shipment or assembly.

All safety lockup devices on the planter and correctly located.

Auxiliary safety chain properly installed and hardware torqued to specification.

Vacuum fan PTO-driven pump correctly attached to the tractor. Oil reservoir filled to capacity and system inspected

for leaks (If Applicable).

Control box properly installed in tractor. All cables correctly routed and secure.

Planter has been thoroughly checked and to the best of my knowledge is ready for delivery to the customer.

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