Auxiliary hydraulic option, Auxiliary hydraulic option -30 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Machine Operation

NOTE: Place row markers in transport position and remove all pressure from hydraulic system.

Remove cover from valve block on rear center frame of planter. Remove plugs from ports V5 and V6 and install
solenoid valve assemblies following installation instruction supplied with each kit. Connect power to solenoid
assemblies to orange/black wire located in wiring harness connection to L.H. side of valve block.

Remove plugs from ¾"-16 O-ring ports A8 and B8 on R.H. side of valve block or ports A9 and B9 on L.H. side of valve
block. Connect customer supplied hydraulic hoses.

Refer to “Hydraulic System Schematics” and “Electrical Wiring Schematics” in Lubrication and Maintenance section of
this manual for additional information.

NOTE: Auxiliary switch ON disables all other control console switches.

Before operating auxiliary system make sure marker switch on control console is OFF. Move auxiliary switch to ON.
Operate hydraulic control (marker/folding functions) to engage auxiliary system.


A customer-supplied auxiliary hydraulic option provides 10 GPM of oil flow at rear of planter for powering fertilizer
attachments, bulk seed handling equipment, etc. Two customer-supplied solenoid valve kits (G1K275) are required to
activate auxiliary hydraulic option with control console auxiliary switch.

Valve block on rear center frame (Cover removed)


Pressurized hydraulic fluid can penetrate body tissue and result in
death, serious infection, or other injuries. fluid injected under skin
must be IMMEDIATELY removed by a surgeon familiar with this
type of injury. Make sure connections are tight and hoses and
fittings are not damaged before applying system pressure. Leaks
can be invisible. Keep away from suspected leaks. Relieve pressure
before searching for leaks or performing any system maintenance.

Hydraulic ports
A8 and B8

Hydraulic ports
A9 and B9

Auxiliary switch

Valve ports
V5 and V6