Ridge planting, Ridge planting -8 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/11


Machine Operation


Component interference can damage equipment. Check clearance
between tires and drill shaft U-joint when using top hole setting.

NOTE: If setting is changed see basic adjustment procedure under “Contact Wheel Spring Adjustment”

4. Field check planter.

Field and actual planting conditions dictate which transport wheel setting to use so row unit parallel arms are parallel
with ground. It may be necessary to lower ground drive wheels to ensure level lateral toolbar operation if transport
wheels are set in one of the two lower sets of holes. Make a field check when planter is fully loaded with seed,
granular chemicals, fertilizer, etc. to be sure wings are level with center frame. If wings are not level with center frame,
drive wheels and/or transport wheels can be raised or lowered in wheel arms to increase or decrease planter toolbar
height. Raise hitch to ensure level operation.

Ground drive wheel adjustment

Ground drive
wheel adjustment.

For lowering contact
drive wheel arms.

For lowering down
pressure springs.


Move drive and transport wheels 2" or 4" to lower mounting holes in wheel arms when ridge planting to increase
planter toolbar height. Contact drive tire must also be moved to lower set of holes in wheel module and down pressure
springs hooked on lower rod. Raise hitch height to ensure level operation.

NOTE: To allow adequate drive force after lowering ground drive wheels, it may be necessary to lower
contact drive wheel arms to lower sets of holes in wheel modules and lower down pressure springs to lower
mounting rods on wheel modules.

No till or firm
soil conditions.
(Initial setting)

Soft field

Ridge or
bed planting.

Transport wheel adjustment

Contact drive wheel adjustment


Keep row unit parallel arms parallel to
ground when adjusting wheel heights.