Security features, Cleaning face id, Restarting and resetting face id – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

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Adjust Volume

Default volume of Face ID voice is 0. The volume can go as

high as 100 and as low as 0. To sustain the performance of

speaker in Face ID, it’s recommended to stay at range 0-

0. To adjust the volume Press Menu > System > General >

Volume 1:100 > Set your number > Save.

Security Features

Security features help protect the information from Face ID

from being accessed by others.

Admin Affirm

Register an administrator to the system by enrolling face,

fingerprint or password to a user ID. Press Menu > User >

Add > Privilege: Administrator > Choose enrollment meth-

od > Save. After enrolling an administrator, main menu can

only be accessed by administrator.

Disable On/Off Button

To avoid accidental shut down of Face ID, the system allows

you to disable the On/Off button. Disabling of the On/Off

button will disallow unauthorized personnel to switch off

Face ID. Press Menu > System > General > Power Key > Dis-

able > Save.

Tamper Switch

Face ID comes with a tamper switch located at the rear

of Face ID. During installation, the tamper switch is com-

pressed against the back plate. Any attempt to dismantle

Face ID will trigger the alarm inside Face ID and displays

“System Broken” on the panel.

Cleaning Face ID

To clean Face ID, please turn off Face ID and unplug all the


Clean Touch Panel

Use a dry cloth to clean Face ID. Do not use any liquids,

household cleaners, aerosol spray, solvents, alcohol, ammo-

nia and abrasive solutions to clean the touch screen panel

of the Face ID because it could damage the panel.

Clean Fingerprint Scanner

Clean the fingerprint scanner with microfiber cloth.

Restarting and Resetting Face ID

If something isn’t working right, try restarting or resetting

Face ID

Restart Face ID

Push the On/Off button Face ID to restart Face ID. If you

can’t restart Face ID, or if the problem persists, you need

to reset.

Reset Face ID

Go to Menu, press Data icon and click on Restore to Factory

Settings. Press Yes to confirm. Resetting of Face ID will cause

all your settings to return to the original factory settings.