Chapter 8: keyboard, Shortcut keys in short, Configuring shortcut keys – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

Page 24: Chapter 9: auto test, Who should do the auto test, Is the screen ok, Checking the voice message/instruction, Checking the keyboard, Inspection on the optical scanner, Checking the infrared camera

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Shortcut Keys in Short

Shortcut keys give you quick access to your most used

functions. A total of  shortcut keys are available for you

to configure. They are labeled as F1, F2, F3, F4, F and F.

Configuring Shortcut Keys

Menu > Keyboard > Click on the key one at a time and

select the function you want for the specific key > Save

Some of the functions you can configure for your short-

cut keys include status key, work code, viewing of sms,

settings of face, setting of fingerprint, etc.

Who should do the Auto Test?

Auto Test page is to diagnose or analyze the conditions in

Face ID. There are several tests available in the Auto Test

page and only administrator is allowed to perform the test.

Before running any tests, kindly contact your reseller for

advice or you could email

Is The Screen OK?

Test Screen determines the quality and sensitivity of Face

ID touch screen panel. You will see lines of different colors;

click the screen to continue testing. If there’s a broken line

or distorted colors on the screen, kindly send your Face ID

for repair. Menu > Auto Test icon > Test Screen

Checking the Voice Message/


Test Voice determines the quality of Face ID’s audio. Every

click on the screen will emit different voice message. If you

found any distorted sound in any of the voice message or

instruction, kindly send your Face ID for checking. Menu >

Auto Test icon > Test Voice