Chapter 7: usb, Understanding the need for usb flash disk, Type of usb – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

Page 23: Downloading attendance logs, Downloading user data, Uploading user data from usb to terminal, Uploading user photo, Uploading pictures to the terminal

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Understanding the Need for USB

Flash Disk

Communication between Face ID and a PC is very impor-

tant to upload and download transaction data for time

attendance and door access reports. Face ID offers a few

communication options such as LAN and serial cable con-

nections but sometimes there are scenarios that require

USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectivity. USB can connect

Face ID with a computer for download and upload of

user information and transaction logs.

Type of USB

There is various type of USB available in the market.

Face ID can only work with USB flash disks that support

minimum Linux Kernel 2.4.x, working fine with Imation,

Transcend and Pen Drive (minimum support Linux Ker-

nel 2.4.x) To determine the type of USB compatible by

FingerTec terminal, please refer to this link at



Downloading Attendance Logs

To download attendance logs from Face ID to the com-

puter: Menu > USB icon > Download Transactions. After

download process is complete, eject USB flask disk from

Face ID and connects it to your PC that has been installed

with TCMS v2. Upload the data from the USB into TCMS

V2 for further processing.

Downloading User Data

Enrolment of user must be done at the Face ID and during en-

rolment user data such as name and user ID are inputted. To

sync the data in Face ID and computer: Menu > USB icon >

Download User

Uploading User Data from USB to


While administrator can input user data from Face ID, the rests

of user information is completed in TCMS V2. Get the latest up-

dates of user information from TCMS V2 to Face ID terminal

using USB Flash Disk. Menu > USB icon > User Upload

Uploading User Photo

User photo can be included in user information in TCMS V2. To

get the same photos being displayed when user gets verified,

upload user photo from TCMS V2 to Face ID. The size of each

photo must be 320 x 240 resolution. To do it using USB Flash

Disk: Menu > USB icon > Upload User photo

Uploading Pictures to the Terminal

Face ID terminal display advertisements or pictures on the

touch screen panel during idle period. The size of the displayed

pictre must be 320 x 240 resolution. To upload pictures using

USB Flash Disk: Menu > USB icon > Upload Picture