Chapter 13: troubleshooting, Unable to connect” appears, Admin affirm” appears – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

Page 28: Difficult to read finger, The face id doesn’t read your face, The led is blinking all the time, Duplicate finger” appears, Rfid card doesn’t respond, No sound, 13 • troubleshooting

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“Unable to Connect” Appears

When this message appears, it means that the settings for

Face ID and the computer are not properly done. Find out

which method you are using to connect. Face ID offers

LAN, RS232, RS48 and USB communication methods. Re-

fer to Chapter 3 to further understand the topic.

“Admin Affirm” Appears

You are not the administrator of this Face ID terminal. Only

an authorized administrator of the system is allowed to ac-

cess the Menu. Any attempt of normal user to access the

Menu will prompt “Admin Affirm” message on the screen.

In case the administrator or he/she has resigned from the

company, kindly contact your FingerTec authorized resel-

ler to access the Face ID.

Difficult to Read Finger

Five things could be the caused of this:

Enrolment is not properly done

Enrolment is the most important process to ensure that

Face ID captures the best quality of your fingerprints. Refer

to chapter 4 for how to do a good enrolment.

The location of Face ID is not conducive

The scanner does not work well in bright-lighted area. Cover

the scanner a bit if this is the cause of the difficulty. Shift the

location area for a better performance.

Finger is not properly placed

To get a good read, make sure that your finger’s center

points are located at the middle of the scanner. Adjust the

position of your fingerprint as you see it onscreen.

The scanner is not cleaned or it is scratched

Check the quality of the scanner. If the scanner is dirty,

please clean it with microfiber cloth on the scanner. If it’s

scratched, contact your local reseller for a replacement.

Anything happen to your finger lately?

Make sure that the finger is not injured, cut or bruised be-

cause it could cause difficulty to read. The algorithm reads

the minutiae points of your fingerprint, the more it can read,

the better the result.