Update, System information – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

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Menu > System icon > Log Settings> Workcode Mode >

Choose your preference > Save. To add work code through

Face ID, please refer to page 21.

Using Card Only

Face ID allows combination of verification methods to

achieve tighter security. This feature concentrates on card

verification. You can enable or disable Card Only feature by

choosing Y or N.
Y – Face ID only reads information from card to verify users.
N – Face ID requires other verification methods following

reading of the card.

Menu > System icon > Log Settings > Card Only > Y or N >



FingerTec offers update of Face ID regularly. Please always

consult your local reseller before you update firmware of

the terminal or alternatively you can contact us at



System Information

This option in System allows installer to check the informa-

tion of the terminal including storage, firmware, algorithm,

etc. To retrieve Face ID System Information click on icon lo-

cated on the top right of the screen.


Showing free storage and used storage of Face ID detailing

user count, admin count and password user. It also displays

other information such as FP templates, Face templates,

Logs templates that have been used and available.


A click on terminal displays Terminal Name, Serial Number

of Face ID, MAC Address, fingerprint and face algorithm,

firmware version, manufacturer and manufactured date

and time.