Adding user information, Delete user, Access level/privilege – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

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· Recommended to use index finger. Face ID accepts other fingers
but index is the most convenient.
· Make sure the finger is not wet, too dry, injured or dirty
· Do not press hard on the sensor, just place it comfortably
· Avoid direct sunlight or bright light

Password Verification

Password can be an option for those who do not prefer to

use other verification methods. To verify using password,

press 1:1/1:N > insert User ID and press key button > insert

password and press OK.

Card Verification

Place the card on the card scanning area and Face ID reads

and verifies.

Adding User Information

User information can be added into Face ID through two

ways. One is through Face ID and another through TCMS

V2. To add/change user information via Face ID, press

Menu > User icon > Select User ID > Edit/Add > Save. To

search for users by name, click on the alphabets at the bot-

tom of the screen.


What can you do?

User ID

Edit user ID based on your company’s employee numbering

system. Maximum length of user ID is  digit


Edit/Add name of in this field. Maximum number of charac-

ters is 24


Delete/Add Fingerprint


Delete/Add Face


Delete/Add Card


Delete/Add Password

It is recommended that updating of user information be

done through the TCMS V2 software. After the information

is updated, sync TCMS V2 and Face ID to display the infor-


Delete User

Only an administrator can do user deletion at Face ID. To

delete certain user(s), press Menu > User icon > Select User

ID to delete > Press Delete > Press Delete another time for


Access Level/Privilege

Face ID offers two types of access level or privilege.

Privilege What can you do?

Normal User Only use Face ID to verify your identity. You cannot access

into Menu and make changes into settings and system

Administrator You are allowed to access into menu to enroll users and edit

settings and system