FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

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Style of Display

Advertise your products or corporate message on Face ID

during idle period.

Clock Display: Half of the screen displays advertisement

and the other half displays the clock.

Menu > System icon > Display > Display Style > Clock Display

View Toolbar

Choose either you want to hide or display the toolbar on

the screen.

Always Display: The toolbar always showing at the bottom

of the screen.
Auto Hide: The toolbar is hidden and reappear when you

touch the soft touch panel. Menu > System icon > Display >

Toolbar Style > Choose your style > Save

Determining Default Verification Mode

While Face ID offers 4 types of verification mode, you can

choose your preferred default mode. Face ID automatically

requires users to verify in this chosen mode unless user

change to mode to his preference/requirements. Option

available is face or fingerprint. Menu > System icon > Dis-

play > Default Verify Mode > Choose your mode > Save

Picture Delay

Picture delay is an idle period before the screen displays

your loaded advertisement. It ranges from 0- seconds.

Menu > System icon > Display > Picture Delay > Determine

your time > Save

Sleep Time

Sleep time is a period before the Face ID goes to sleep mode.

This setting is available as power saving feature of Face ID.

The time range is from 0- seconds. Menu > System icon

> Display > Sleep Time > Determine your time > Save

Fingerprint Settings

Configure settings for fingerprint enrollment and verifica-

tion to achieve optimum effectiveness.