Chapter 6: data, Deleting transaction logs, Deleting all data – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

Page 22: Managing user privilege, Deleting screen savers, Resetting to factory settings, Data

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Every time an enrolment is performed or verification is

done, a transaction log is stored inside Face ID. The data

contains Terminal ID, date, time, userID and transaction ac-

tivity. For example, 01002100000000000010000:



Terminal ID


Date (ddmmyy)


Time (hhmm)


User ID


Transaction Code


Terminal Activity


These logs need to be managed to maintain the effective-

ness of the terminal. It is recommended to do the house-

keeping of data from the TCMS V2 software but there are 

functions available in Data icon to enable you to manage

your data in Face ID.

Deleting Transaction Logs

Please make sure that you are certain when you want to

do this operation. The logs that are stored inside Face ID

are the ones that have not been downloaded into TCMS

V2. Deleting the logs means that no backup data available.

Menu > Data icon > Delete Transactions > Confirmation is

required (Yes/No)

Deleting All Data

This function allows you to delete all attendance data and

user information in the terminal. Make sure that all user in-

formation has been backed up in TCMS V2 before perform-

ing this task. Menu > Data icon > Delete All Data > Confirma-

tion is required (Yes/No)

Managing User Privilege

There are two user privileges in Face ID, administrator and

normal user. You can delete administrator privilege but

without an administrator, normal user can access the menu

easily and interrupt the settings. Menu > Data icon > Delete

Administrator > Confirmation is required (Yes/No)

Deleting Screen Savers

You can advertise your product and company corporate

message in Face ID using screen saver function. To delete all

screen savers: Menu > Data icon > Delete Picture > Confir-

mation is required (Yes/No)

Resetting to Factory Settings

There are some instances, which require you to restore Face

ID to original factory settings. Upon completion of this task,

Face ID no longer keeps your settings in all functions. Please

redo all the settings to suit to your company’s requirements.

Menu > Data icon > Restore to Factory Settings > Confirma-

tion is required (Yes/No)