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What Is It For

Touch Screen Panel

Touch this screen to access into Face ID sys-
tem and do configuration.

Shortcut Keys

Customize the function keys for easy access
to certain functions.

Infrared Lights

Enhance facial image in poorly lighted areas.

Twin Face Camera

Capture face images in few directions.

Fingerprint Scanner

Use to scan finger for confirmation of iden-

Card Induction Area

Read the card information based on the card
system of Face ID.

LED Light Indicator

Indicate the status of reader. Green indicates
Face ID is on standby or verification is suc-
cessful. Red indicates problem or verification
is fail.


Emit instructions from Face ID

USB Port

Connect the USB extension provided here to
download/upload data from/to Face ID

Enroll, edit, delete and insert user information

from User icon. Face ID 2 allows storage of 00

face images and 3000 fingerprint templates.

Setup Face ID 2 communication with computer

through LAN, RS232 and RS48. Set communica-

tion with a computer for a secure data transfer.

Configure the settings of Face ID from general

to display setting to face and fingerprint. At-

tendance settings and update settings are also

done here.

Check user attendance and transaction logs that

are available in Face ID and perform housekeep-

ing of the machine.

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