The face id doesn’t read your face, The led is blinking all the time, Duplicate finger” appears – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

Page 29: Rfid card doesn’t respond

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The Face ID Doesn’t Read Your Face

Two possible causes for this to happen:

Have you stand properly and not making any fa-

cial expression?

Your position from the camera must be at a proper distance

from the camera. If you see your reflection at the camera,

you are at the right position. Now, were you making facial

expression during verification? Don’t. Stay calm and look at

the camera. And please do not cover your face with any-


Have you tested the camera of your Face ID?

The camera might not be working properly. Test your cam-

era’s performance. Refer to Chapter  to Test the Face Cam-


The LED is Blinking All The Time

You have nothing to worry about unless the blinking light

is red. The green blinking light is indicating that Face ID is

under its standby mode. Red blinking light may signal prob-

lem in the Face ID. Contact your reseller for consultation.

“Duplicate Finger” Appears

Face ID is an intelligent terminal. It will not accept the same

fingerprint twice into its system. If you have registered a fin-

ger into Face ID, the system would prompt “duplicate finger”

when you try to enroll that finger for another time. Choose a

different finger to proceed.

RFID Card Doesn’t Respond

Two possibilities for this problem

Have you registered the card to the terminal?

The card must be registered to face ID before the terminal

could read the information in the card. Refer to chapter 4

User for card enrolment.

Have you assigned the user ID to the verification

group that supports RFID card?

Without setting Face ID that you are under a group that sup-

ports RFID card, the Face ID wouldn’t read your card.