Chapter 12: access, Using face id as door access, How long it takes before the door locks again – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 600) Manual User Manual

Page 27: Delaying door sensor, Choosing door sensor type, Delaying alarm, Access

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Using Face ID as Door Access

Face ID can be connected to door access accessories like

electromagnetic lock and doorbolt to control access to

doors. FingerTec provides all kinds of doorlock acces-

sories which can be viewed at


In Access icon, you can configure 4 items which are ex-

plained below. To access to Access: Menu > Access

How Long It Takes Before

The Door Locks Again

This value is the time period for the door to lock again

after it unlocks on successful verification. Default value is

10 second and the range is between 1-10.

Delaying Door Sensor

This function only works if door sensor is available. When

a door is not closing for a specified time, the sensor will

trigger alarm system. Specify the time of the delay. De-

fault value is 10s, the range is 0-s. Choose your prefer-


Choosing Door Sensor Type

There are two types of door sensor available for door access

which are Normally Open (NO) and Normally Close (NC).

Once a door sensor is available, you have to choose the door

sensor type. Default is None.

Delaying Alarm

This function only works when there is alarm system in-

stalled with Face ID. You can adjust the time before Face ID

triggering an alarm system if the door is not closed. A tap on

the value will prompt a keypad. Input the value in seconds.

The default value is 30s.