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Connecting external

Connect external component such as a TV or DVD player to this unit.

Connect your TV or DVD player to this unit using appropriate cables as shown below. Connecting a subwoofer enhances bass sound for listening enjoyment.

For further information on connecting other components, see pages 15 to 22 in the Owner’s Manual.

DVD player

Cables used for connections

Connect cables in the following order. For the connection ig), use
either (a) or (b). If your DVD player has component video output

jacks, we suggest using the cable (b).


' Do not plug

the power

supply cable into a wall

outlet until all connections

are complete.


the power supply

cable before changing

connections, moving or

cleaning this unit.

© Digital audio pin cable (supplied)

@a Video pin cable

@b Component video pin cabie

Opticai cable (supplied)

Audio pin cabie (suppiied)

Video pin cabie (suppiied)

Component video pin cable
(in case of a component connection)
Subwoofer pin cable
(in case you connect a subwoofer)

Power supply cable (supplied)


If a subwoofer is connected to this unit, turn on the

power of your subwoofer and then carry out the

AUTO SETUP procedure (see the backside) or

select “SWFR” for “BASS OUT” in “SUBWOOFER

SET” (see page 67 in the Owner’s Manual).

Connect the optimizer microphone to this unit.

You can automatically adjust the various channel settings that best match your listening environment using the supplied optimizer microphone. Follow the procedure below to connect the optimizer microphone to this unit and place it in a proper location.

Connect the optimizer microphone to the OPTIMIZER MIC jack on the left side of this unit.

Cardboard microphone stand (supplied)

Assemble the cardboard microphone stand and place the
optimizer microphone on the top of the stand.

Optimizer microphone (supplied)

Set the optimizer microphone at your normal listening position. Use the supplied cardboard microphone stand or a tripod to place the optimizer microphone at the
same height as your ears would be when you are seated.

Place the optimizer microphone on the extended center
line of this unit and 1.8 m (6.0 ft) or more away from it.

Also, make sure place the optimizer microphone within

1 m (3.3 ft) upper or lower from the center height of this


Within 1 m (3.3 ft)
upper or lower
from the center

If you have set the optimizer microphone,

follow the steps on the backside to start

the AUTO SETUP procedure.

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