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Installing batteries in the remote


Remove the transparent sheet before using the remote control.

1 Press and hold the ^ mark on the battery

cover and then slide off the cover.


Insert the two supplied batteries (AA, R6,

UM-3) into the battery compartment.

Make sure you insert the batteries according to the

polarity markings (+/-).


Close the battery cover.


• Change all of the batteries if you notice the following

conditions; the operation range of the remote control decreases,
the indicator does not blink or its light becomes dim.

• Do not use old batteries together with new ones.
• Do not use different types of batteries (such as alkaline and

manganese batteries) together. Read the packaging carefully as
these different types of batteries may have the same shape and

• Exhausted batteries may leak. If the batteries have leaked,

dispose of them immediately. Avoid touching the leaked
material or letting it come into contact with clothing, etc. Clean
the battery compartment thoroughly before installing new

• Do not throw away batteries with general house waste. Dispose

of them correctly in accordance with your local regulations.

• The contents of the memory stored in the remote control may be

erased in the following cases:
- The remote control is left without batteries for more than 2


- Exhausted batteries remain in the remote control.
- The buttons on the remote control are accidentally pressed

when you change batteries.

• If the memory stored in the remote control is unwantedly

erased, insert new batteries and reset the remote control codes

Operation range of the remote


The remote control transmits a directional infrared beam.

Use the remote control within 6 m of this unit and point it

toward the remote control sensor on this unit during



• Do not spill water or other liquids on the remote control.
• Do not drop the remote control.
• Do not leave or store the remote control in the following types

of conditions:
- places of high humidity, such as near a bath
- places of high temperatures, such as near a heater or a stove
- places of extremely low temperatures
- dusty places

• Do not expose the remote control sensor on this unit to direct

sunlight or lighting such as inverted fluorescent lamps.

• If the batteries grow old, the effective operation distance of the

remote control decreases considerably. If this happens, replace
the batteries with two new ones as soon as possible.

24 £n