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This section describes a suitable installation location to install the unit using a metal wall bracket, a rack or a stand.

Before installing this unit

Installing this unit

This unit creates surround sound by reflecting projected

sound beams off the walls of your listening room. The

surround sound effects produced by this unit may not be

sufficient when the unit is installed in the following


• Rooms with surfaces inadequate for reflecting sound


• Rooms with acoustically absorbent surfaces

• Rooms with measurements outside the following range

W (3 to 7 m) X H (2 to 3.5 m) x D (3 to 7 m)

• Rooms with less than 1.8 m from the listening position

to the speaker positions

• Rooms where objects such as furniture are likely to

obstruct the path of sound beams

• Rooms where the listening position is close to the walls
• Rooms where the listening position is not in front of

this unit

Make sure you leave an adequate amount of ventilation

space so that heat can escape. Make at least 5 cm of space

above or below this unit.

Side view

5 cm or more





• We do not recommend installing this unit so that it is positioned

directly on the floor of your listening room. Please install this
unit using a metal wall bracket, rack or stand.

• This unit weighs 9.0 kg. Be sure to install this unit where it will

not fall subject to vibrations, such as from an earthquake, and
where it is out of the reach of children.

• When using a cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV, do not install this

unit directly above your TV.

• This unit is shielded against magnetic rays. However, if the

picture on your TV screen becomes blurred or distorted, we
recommend moving the speakers away from your TV.

Install this unit where there are no obstacles such as
furniture obstructing the path of sound beams. Otherwise,

the desired surround sound effects may not be achieved.

You may install this unit in parallel with the wall or in the

Parallel installation

Install this unit in the exact center of the wall when it is
measured from the left and right comers.

An object, such as furniture

Corner installation

Install this unit in the comer at a 40° to 50° angle from the
adjacent walls.

40° to 50°

An object, such as furniture