Connecting a dvd player/recotder, Audio connections, Video connections – Yamaha YSP-1100 User Manual

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Connecting a DVD player/recotder

Connect a DVD player/recorder and enjoy DVDs.

■ Audio connections

Connect the optical digital output jack of your DVD

player/recorder to the DVD COAXIAL DIGITAL IN jack

of this unit. In case you connect this unit to a DVD/VCR

combo player/recorder, connect the analog audio output

jacks of your DVD/VCR combo player/recorder to the

VCR AUDIO IN jacks of this unit in addition to the
optical digital audio connection.

■ Video connections

Connect the video output jack of your DVD player/

recorder to the DVD/AUX VIDEO IN jack of this unit. If

your DVD player/recorder has component video output

jacks, connect the component video output jacks of your

DVD player/recorder to the DVD/AUX COMPONENT

VIDEO IN jacks of this unit. Once the component video

connection is made, you can enjoy images with better


To prevent the potical cable from being unplugged, affix the optical cable in the supplied cable clamp (see page 15).


Check that your DVD player/recorder is properly set to output Dolby Digital and DTS digital audio signals. If not, adjust the system

settings of your DVD player/recorder. For details, refer to the operation manual supplied with your DVD player/recorder.

• If your DVD player/recorder does not have a coaxial digital output jack, make an optical digital audio connection instead

(see page 21).

Cables used for audio connections

Audio pin cable



Digital audio pin cable (supplied)



Cables used for video connections

Video pin cable



Component video pin cable

(Green) ....... |||......iHj



(Blue) czl' Mlii-l—j^



IIIII ■ N (Blue)






y (Red)

17 £n