Playing back sound clearly (my beam), Note, Using auio-atljust function – Yamaha YSP-1100 User Manual

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You can improve listenability in a noisy environment by changing the beam mode to the my beam, outputs sound beams
directly to the listening position in a single channel. In addition, the my beam is also ideal if you do not want the sound
beams to be reflected on the walls in your listening room or if you do not disturb others asleep while enjoying music or
movies at night.

My beam

j microphone


If the my beam is selected as the beam mode, the surround modes (see page 44), the CINEMA DSP programs (see page 50) and the
TruBass (see page 57) become ineffective. In addition, no audio is output from the subwoofer connected to this unit.

Using auio-atljust function

The my beam microphone on the remote control collects
the test tones from this unit, and then the beam angle is

automatically adjusted.


Set the operation mode selector to YSP to

switch to the operation mode of this unit.




Press and hold MY BEAM on the remote
control more than 2 seconds.

A test tone is output twice from this unit. Keep
pointing the remote control toward this unit during
the test tones are being output so that the my beam
microphone can collect the test tones.
Control range: L50° to R50°
Operation guarantee range: 6 m, L30° to R30°


If an error occurs, an error buzzer is played and MY BEAM

ERROR is displayed on the front panel display.

• An error may occur if the listening room is noisy. Make sure

that the listening room is as quiet as possible during the test

tones are being output.

• Do not shake or move the remote control during the test tones

are being output.

• Do not cover the my beam microphone on the remote control

during the test tones are being output.

• The batteries in the remote control may be week if the remote

control does not function properly. In such case, replace all the
batteries and then try the procedure again.